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Welcome to QILT where you can compare higher education students’ experiences and employment outcomes across a wide range of institutions in Australia. Have you ever wished you could ask current and former students about their university experience?

QILT brings together data from over 350,000 surveys completed each year to allow you to compare institution results over 21 study areas.

To get started, simply type in the study area you're interested in.

You can choose the type of institution you are interested in and the level of study that you would like to see.

You can compare up to 6 institutions at one time by clicking the “add to compare” button.

Results are displayed in easy to read charts and tables complete with information on how your institutions compare with the national average.

These charts and tables present the results for a range of categories like teaching quality, learning resources, employment outcomes and graduate salaries.

They also show the confidence intervals which let you know how statistically reliable the average is for that institution.

You can click on the information icon to find out more.

You can also explore the student experience for a single institution. Simply type in the name of the institution on the homepage or select it from the institutions list and you can explore all study areas and categories for that institution.

The QILT website has been developed to help you make the right choices for your higher education future.