Study areas

The 21 different study areas used on the website have been compiled based on the Australian Standard Classification of Education (ASCED), which groups higher education courses, specialisations, and units of study with the same or similar vocational emphasis.

Information provided on the QILT website is calculated at the study area level. Students doing a combined or double degree are generally counted more than once if their major courses are in different study areas. Study areas are based on the Australian Standard Classification of Education (ASCED), which groups higher education courses, specialisations and units of study with the same or similar vocational emphasis. Survey based information is generally available disaggregated into 21 study areas. Further disaggregation is possible for some survey indicators at the national level and for graduate incomes based on taxation records.

The relationship between the 21 study areas used on this website (code and study area name) and ASCED field of education classification (broad field of education and narrow/detailed field of education) is shown below:



Study area name

Broad field of education

Narrow/detailed field of education


Science and Mathematics

01 Natural and Physical Sciences

0101 (Mathematical Sciences), 0103 (Physics and Astronomy), 0105 (Chemical Sciences), 0107 (Earth Sciences), 0109 (Biological Sciences), 0199 (Other Natural & Physical Sciences), 010000 (Natural & Physical Sciences)


Computing and Information Systems

02 Information Technology

0201 (Computer Science), 0203 (Information Systems), 0299 (Other Information Technology), 020000 (Information Technology)



03 Engineering and Related Technologies

0301 (Manufacturing Engineering and Technology), 0303 (Process and Resources Engineering), 0305 (Automotive Engineering and Technology), 0307 (Mechanical and Industrial Engineering and Technology), 0309 (Civil Engineering), 0311 (Geomatic Engineering - includes Surveying), 0313 (Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Technology), 0315 (Aerospace Engineering and Technology), 0317 (Maritime Engineering and Technology), 0399 (Other Engineering and Related Technologies), 030000 (Engineering and Related Technologies)


Architecture and Building

04 Architecture and Building

0401 (Architecture and Urban Environment), 0403 (Building), 040000 (Architecture and Building)


Agriculture and Environmental Studies

05 Agriculture, Environmental and Related Studies

0501 (Agriculture), 0503 (Horticulture and Viticulture), 0505 (Forestry Studies), 0507 (Fisheries Studies), 0509 (Environmental Studies), 0599 (Other Agriculture, Environmental and Related Studies), 050000 (Agriculture, Environmental and Related Studies)


Health Services and Support

06 Health

0609 (Optical Science), 0613 (Public Health), 0615 (Radiography), 061700 (Rehabilitation Therapies), 061705 (Chiropractic & Osteopathy), 061707 (Speech Pathology), 061709 (Audiology), 061711 (Massage Therapy), 061713 (Podiatry), 061799 (Rehabilitation Therapies n.e.c.), 0619 (Complementary Therapies), 0699 (Other Health), 060000 (Health)



06 Health

0601(Medical Studies)



06 Health

0603 (Nursing)



06 Health

0605 (Pharmacy)



06 Health

0607 (Dental Studies)


Veterinary Science

06 Health

0611(Veterinary Studies)



06 Health

061701 (Physiotherapy), 061703 (Occupational Therapy)


Teacher Education

07 Education

0701 (Teacher Education), 0703 (Curriculum and Education Studies), 0799 (Other Education), 070000 (Education)


Business and Management

08 Management and Commerce

09 Society and Culture

0801(Accounting), 0803 (Business and Management), 0805 (Sales and Marketing), 0809 (Office Studies), 0811 (Banking, Finance and Related Fields), 0899 (Other Management and Commerce), 080000 (Management and Commerce), 0919 (Economics and Econometrics)


Humanities, Culture and Social Sciences

09 Society and Culture

0901 (Political Science and Policy Studies), 0903 (Studies in Human Society), 0913 (Librarianship, Information Management and Curatorial Studies), 0915 (Language and Literature), 0917 (Philosophy and Religious Studies), 0999 (Other Society and Culture), 090000 (Society and Culture)


Social Work

09 Society and Culture

0905 (Includes Social Work and Counselling)



09 Society and Culture

0907 (Includes Psychology and Behavioural Science)


Law and Paralegal Studies

09 Society and Culture

0909 (Law), 0911(Justice and Law Enforcement)


Creative Arts

10 Creative Arts

1001 (Includes Music, Dance and Theatre Studies, Dance, Performing Arts n.e.c.), 1003 (Visual Arts and Crafts), 1005 (Graphic and Design Studies), 1099 (Other Creative Arts), 100000 (Creative Arts)



10 Creative Arts

1007 (Includes Journalism)


Tourism, Hospitality, Personal Services, Sport and Recreation

08 Management and Commerce

09 Society and Culture

11 Food, Hospitality and Personal Services

0807 (Tourism), 0921 (Sport and Recreation), 1101 (Food and Hospitality), 1103 (Personal Services), 110000 (Food, Hospitality and Personal Services), 1201 (General Education Programs), 1203 (Social Skills Programs), 1205 (Employment Skills Programs), 1299 (Other Mixed Field Programs), 120000 (Mixed Field Programs)