Have you been contacted by us?

You may have been contacted by the Social Research Centre to participate in a QILT survey

Surveys that you may have been asked to participate in

SES logo

Student Experience Survey

The SES is a comprehensive study of current higher education students in Australia. If you’re an undergraduate or postgraduate coursework student in the first or final year of your course, you may be invited to take part.
GOS logo

Graduate Outcomes Survey

The GOS is a national survey of recent graduates of Australian higher education institutions. You may be invited to take part approximately four to six months after completing your course.
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Graduate Outcomes Survey - Longitudinal

The GOS-L measures medium-term employment outcomes of graduates. If you completed the GOS around three years ago, you may be invited to take part.
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Employer Satisfaction Survey

The ESS provides the only national measure of the extent to which higher education institutions in Australia are meeting employer needs. Supervisors of recent graduates are invited to participate.

How we may have contacted you

A call from:

    • (03) 9492 6344
    • (02) 4004 3063 
    • (07) 3740 9256
    • (08) 8456 4736 
    • (03) 9492 6343
    • (02) 4004 3062
    • (07) 3740 9252
    • (08) 8456 4735

    A text message from:

    • +61 481 071 470
    • +61 480 086 774
    • +61 429 121 815

    Or an email from:

    • gos@srcentre.com.au
    • ses@srcentre.com.au
    • ess@srcentre.com.au
    • gos-l@srcentre.com.au

    The Social Research Centre is exempt from the Australian Do Not Call Register

    As a social research company, the Social Research Centre is exempt from the Australian Do Not Call Register. This means we may call telephone numbers listed on the Do Not Call Register to conduct questionnaire-based research. We are not telemarketers and we do not provide your name or contact information to any other parties. The phone numbers we dial for the QILT suite of surveys are provided to us by our client, the Australian Government Department of Education.