Graduate Satisfaction

Information on the ComparED website about graduate satisfaction is sourced from the Course Experience Questionnaire (CEQ) for undergraduate and postgraduate coursework level graduates.

The CEQ is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment´╗┐, and since 2016 has been administered annually by the Social Research Centre. It is completed by graduates in conjunction with the Graduate Outcomes Survey (GOS).

The CEQ is completed by graduates of Australian higher education institutions approximately four months after completion of their courses. The surveys provide information about the quality of education provided at Australian institutions, by asking graduates to what extent they agree with a series of statements about their study experiences.

Three indicators from the CEQ are displayed on the ComparED website. Survey results from 2018 and 2019 are pooled to improve the reliability of the information. The indicators relate to:

  1. Overall satisfaction
  2. Good teaching
  3. Generic skills

The QILT website reports the proportion of graduates satisfied with each indicator, based on the following questions:

CEQ indicator Description
Overall satisfaction The proportion of graduates who expressed overall satisfaction with their course, based on an individual question in the CEQ.
Good teaching

The percentage of graduates who agreed they had experienced good teaching practices during their study. This indicator is based on the average of a graduate's responses to the following six statements from the CEQ:

  1. The staff put a lot of time into commenting on my work.
  2. The teaching staff normally gave me helpful feedback on how I was going.
  3. The teaching staff of this course motivated me to do my best work.
  4. My lecturers were extremely good at explaining things.
  5. The teaching staff worked hard to make their studies interesting.
  6. The staff made a real effort to understand difficulties I might be having with my work.
Generic skills

The percentage of graduates who agreed that their studies had improved their generic skills. This indicator is based on the average of a graduate's responses to the following six statements from  the CEQ:

  1. The course helped me develop my ability as a team member.
  2. The course sharpened my analytic skills.
  3. The course developed my problem-solving skills.
  4. The course improved my skills in written communications.
  5. As a result of my course, I feel confident about tackling unfamiliar problems.
  6. My course helped me to develop the ability to plan my own work.

CEQ data on the ComparED website includes responses from international and Australian resident graduates who completed a coursework based degree. Data is presented separately for undergraduate and postgraduate coursework level graduates.

Care should be taken when interpreting results from the CEQ provided on the ComparED website. The results are estimates only, because they are based on a survey which was not completed by all graduates. The accuracy of the figures varies depending on the number of graduates who completed the survey. Confidence intervals are displayed to provide a measure of accuracy of the estimates.

For technical details about the calculations used to score data derived from the CEQ, please see the document, Technical Details - CEQ calculations.